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The use of light alloys in industrial production is constantly increasing

Light alloys

Light alloys or aluminium alloys are materials obtained mainly from the combination of aluminium, zinc, manganese, copper, silicon or magnesium.
The increase in the use of aluminium alloys in production The main characteristics of aluminium alloys are those of having low density and high ductility; consequently, they are suitable for thermal processing to improve the mechanical characteristics. Their use in industry is constantly growing. For example, in the automotive industry they have surpassed the use of both plastic and steel, making them the most widely used material.
Alongside the automotive industry, the aeronautical, railway and all those sectors in which the lightness of the material brings concrete benefits have increased exponentially in recent years the use of aluminum alloys, with the final effect of increasing exponentially the production.

Ernst Hardness Testers and HB Scales

The consequence of the use of light alloys for new applications is the need to check their mechanical characteristics and, in particular, their hardness. All Ernst hardness testers can, on request, be equipped with the measuring scales commonly used for the execution of hardness on aluminium, especially HB5, HB10 and HB2.5; while they already have the necessary penetrators in standard equipment. TWIN X, in particular, is already equipped with standard scales and penetrators for measuring with HB5 and HB10 scales.