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Ernst's range of portable hardness testers, designed to meet most hardness measurement requirements, extends from 1kgf to 100kgf and is ACCREDIA (UKAS equivalence) certifiable

Portability in hardness testing

The possibility of carrying the instrument on the workpiece - with consequent savings in costs and handling times, the manageability and the possibility to be oriented in any direction make the portable instruments the most suitable solution for the hardness control of large and irregular pieces.

The Ernst portable hardness tester line

In addition to the intrinsic advantages of portability, Ernst portable hardness testers - in continuous evolution for over 60 years - add a series of benefits designed to meet the most diverse needs: from high test force to the measurement in physically inaccessible points, to the simplification and versatility of the testing process; compared to other portable hardness testers that are based on different principles (such as ‘Rebound’).
The portable hardness testers proposed by Cisam-Ernst allow you to carry out tests in all possible directions and inclinations;
in addition, the measurements are not affected of the thickness of the testpiece, thus allowing the measurement of minimum thicknesses dimensions.

The innovation of the Ernst portable line

The company has always focused on the quality and innovation of portable devices: the new wireless version represents a significant upgrading of the software component, aimed at offering the possibility of displaying, storing and organizing the results offered by benchtop or production line durometers. In addition, the application of wireless technology has greatly enhanced its handling and ease of use.

The certifiability

Most - but not all - use the Rockwell principle of operation. If required, portable hardness testers can be certified ACCREDIA (UKAS equivalence - ILAC-MRA International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation – Mutual Recognition Arrangement), thus offering a competitive advantage in the markets where certification is required.