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Manual, semi-automatic and automatic bench-top hardness testers with Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers principle, manufactured entirely in Italy

Bench-top hardness testers

Bench-top hardness testers are used in laboratories and factories to check large quantities of workpieces.
In the case of bench-top hardness testers, the workpieces are brought under the tester, positioned and oriented for measurement: they are therefore relatively small parts.
The test is manual and represents a good compromise between measurement speed, ease of use and cost.

Certifiability of bench hardness testers

Bench-top hardness testers can be certified by accredited bodies according to country-specific parameters (e.g.: ACCREDIA for Italy, DIN for Germany, ASTM for the United States), confirming their reliability as measuring instruments.

The range of Ernst bench-top hardness testers

The Ernst line of bench hardness testers is characterized by the completeness of the range, able to respond to different needs: it offers a variety of stands to adapt to the shapes, dimensions and positions required for the workpiece, and different levels of data processing and restitution, covering the entire range from single test to statistics in the case of numerous measurements (over the entire lot vs. sample).

Conversion scales

Ernst bench-top hardness testers mostly - but not exclusively - use the Rockwell test principle.
Regarding the hardness scales, the Cisam-Ernst offer includes its own conversion table for hardness values, elaborated in the course of 60 years of company history, through therefore an exceptionally high number of tests.
Specifically, the Ernst bench-top hardness testers - thanks to technological evolution - allow automatic conversion between the 20 most widely used scales.