Automatic hardness tester Twin X

Fully automatic Rockwell hardness tester with Rockwell and Super Rockwell loads with the ability to perform hardness tests on large workpieces up to 420 mm high in its standard version.

The spring system, compared to the most common load cell systems, saves up to 10 seconds per test cycle, which means that you can save 12 minutes per hour (about 2 hours per working day) while maximizing productivity.

TWIN-X has been designed to meet the many needs in hardness control, its versatility is given by the indenter stroke of up to 45 mm that allows testing parts of different thicknesses - even in series - without having to make any adjustments. Thanks to the clamping shield it is possible to measure overhanging pieces without any external support.

The measuring head moves on the vertical axis of the stand, the change and the application of the load are completely automatic.

TWIN-X is equipped with a safety device that automatically retracts the indenter in case of bad positioning of the piece or any foreign bodies inserted between the indenter and the piece to be checked.

TWIN X has been specially designed to handle non-standard applications, its highly flexible design allows the hardness tester to be customized for specific applications, it is possible to remove the screw unit when large parts such as moulds, castings, etc. have to be tested and a special version is available with a stand of +500mm compared to the standard that allows parts to be measured with heights up to 950mm.

In addition, the measuring head is independent and can be removed and used within control systems in production lines without operator intervention.

Product advantages

Power supply 115 - 230 Volt
Loads Rockwell: 60kgf (588N), 100kgf (980N), 150kgf (1471N)
Rockwell Superficiale: 15kgf (147N), 30kgf (294N), 45kgf (441N)
Brinell: 15,625kgf (153.2N), 31,25kgf (306.5N), 62,5kgf (612.9N), 125kgf (1226N), 187,5kgf (1839N)
Norms and certifications ASTM E 18
ISO-EN 6508
Overall dimensions L90cm x W70cm x H115cm
Configurable settings 400 storable files (for each file a product with the corresponding test parameters can be stored: code, customer name, hardness scale, tolerance values, etc.) Setting 5 tolerance ranges in series controls
Output interfaces Standard: USB for printer connection, USB for direct export to USB stick Optional: Modbus-TCP, RS232, Profibus
Reading direct on touch-screen monitor
Languages Italian, English, German, Other languages on request
Load application method automatic by means of stepper motor (indenter stroke 45mm)
Weight ca. 200 kg TWIN-X + Bench
Preload 3kgf (24.9N) - 10kgf (98N)
Working principle Rockwell and Super-Rockwell
Standard scales Rockwell: HRA - HRB - HRC - HRD - HRF - HRG
Super Rockwell: HR15N - HR30N - HR45N - HR15T - HR30T - HR45T
Brinell: HB/30 - HB/10 - HB/5 - HB/2,5 - kgf/mm2 - N/mm2 - other scales on request
Load time selectable on touch-screen from 1sec to 45sec
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