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Ernst's wide range of hardness testers, features and benefits

The wide range of Ernst hardness testers

Ernst's range of hardness testers meets the most varied requirements in terms of hardness testing, offering bench-top hardness testers, case depth analyzers, universal hardness testers, portable hardness testers, optical readers and calibrated pins. Ernst hardness testers are mainly based on the Rockwell principle; however, they have Brinell loads with corresponding ball penetrators with which - by means of optical reading - it is possible to perform Brinell tests in accordance with the standards.

Modification to the Rockwell principle

Most of our Rockwell instruments operate according to a modification of the Rockwell principle, which uses a support on the test surface that gives the penetration depth. Therefore, any movement of the part, elevating screw or stand, does not influence the test result, thus ensuring maximum accuracy and reliability of measurement.

The clamping shield in Ernst hardness testers

The hardness testers with Ernst stand are characterized by the presence of an additional element, called the clamping shield, designed to firmly clamp the workpiece to be measured (also overhanging), thus avoiding the use of special supports. The clamping shield can be easily removed if required.
In the same logic, the portable hardness testers have a component (base), aimed at providing a perfect support on the piece and thus allow the measurement of small parts. The bases, of different shapes and sizes, are interchangeable according to the piece to be checked.

Authoritativeness in the field of hardness measurement

The ability and flexibility in proposing ad hoc solutions, the long experience and the wide range of instruments make Cisam - Ernst an authoritative reality and reference in the field of hardness control.