NEW!!! Hardness testing of coils, thin pipes and structural alluminium profiles without a support

The e-computest pliers allow you to measure with the same accuracy as a benchtop hardness tester without the need for a support base. The wireless technology employed by e-computest further optimizes this application.
Pinza per coils

The quality control of raw materials becomes more and more a requirement for maintaining a high production standard.
The need for an immediate control of materials in supply is a topic that we addressed coming up with a solution that ensures accuracy and speed in the hardness testing in any condition.

We designed a clamp to be used as an accessory for the portable wireless hardness tester e-computest.
Thanks to this solution it becomes possible to check the hardness of sheets, coils, thin pipes and structural alluminium profiles even with minimum thicknesses, without needing a support base, thus allowing the immediate measurement of the pieces also before the acceptance of the supply lot.

In order to allow maximum manageability, we have chosen materials such as aluminum to maintain the optimal balance between strength and lightness.

In order to offer maximum measuring versatility, the opening of the pliers allows measuring from minimum thicknesses of less than 1 mm up to 20mm with the same precision as a benchtop hardness tester.

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With e-computest you can measure with wireless technology respecting the following standards:
- Direct method standardization: standards DIN50157, ASTM B724
. - Indirect method standardization: ISO6506, ISO6507, ISO6508, ASTM E10, ASTM E384, ASTM E18, ASTM E110, DIN 50150
. - Guideline: DGZfP directive MC1, VDI/VDE 2616 sheet1, ASME CRTD-91
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The pliers consist of three basic elements:
Designed for optimal interlocking of the computest
The movable lever allows the exact application of the load
Allows measurement from minimum thickness up to 20 mm thickness
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