Portable Wireless Hardness Testers


The last generation of portable hardness testers from Cisam-Ernst meets a whole variety of measurement requirements, and allow testing in any direction and inclination. All this with an optimal synthesis between reliable mechanics and digital innovation.

Since over sixty years Cisam-Ernst focuses exclusively on the research, design and production of hardness testers, a long history of specialization in the field. Continuous innovation is one of the main company’s challenges, that in 2019 leads to the introduction of a new generation of portable hardness testers.


Specialisation and evolution

The Ernst portable hardness tester range - in continuous evolution since 1958 – is designed to meet a whole variety of measurement requirements: form heavy load, to difficult or un-reachable testing areas as well as simple and versatile test processes.

Compared to other hardness testers which are based on different principles (such as Leeb), Ernst portables allow testing in any direction and inclination; moreover the tests are not affected by the depth of the test piece, allowing thin metal layers or foils to be checked.

The company is focused on portable testers' quality from their original version up to the latest one: the high repeatability of the instrument, the compliance with the standards DIN 50157-2, DIN 50158-2 and the ACCREDIA certification are peculiar factors of this product line.


A new generation of portables hardness testers

The new version constitutes a significant upgrading of the software component, aimed at simplifying and accelerating the measurement process by optimizing data storage and data processing: wireless connection, barcode scanning, geolocation, adding photos and notes to the measurements are just some of the features of the new generation of Ernst portables.


A complete offer of three instruments

The line consists of three instruments which are representing a complete offer in the field of portable hardness measurement. Let's start with e-computest, which is characterized by high versatility, ease of use and a wide field of applications; with just one indenter, it is possible to measure the entire range of metals and alloys by speeding up and simplifying the test process.

With 100 kgf, e-dynatest is a Rockwell portable tester with a similar load to bench instruments; resulting in comparable accuracy and repeatability but avoiding time loss and costs of handling, sectioning of the test piece and its surface preparation.
As for e-computest, the company's history is a guarantee of optimal synthesis between solid and reliable mechanics and digital innovation.

Finally, e-handy is based on the measurement method Esatest® (PAT Ernst) which is based on the determination of the hardness by measuring the electrical resistance. This principle makes it possible to carry out hardness tests on inaccessible areas for which, conventional hardness testers, are normally not designed (weld seams, thermally altered areas, gears and cavities). By carrying out a continuous measurement of the hardness at various loads, it allows an immediate evaluation of possible superficial heat treatment.