Bench hardness tester AT250

AT250 measures in Rockwell or Superficial Rockwell scale depending on the model
AT250 hardness tester is a semi-automatic bench instrument able to perform hardness tests in a simple, quick and accurate way.
It is divided into two models: R (Rockwell) and SR (Superficial Rockwell).
Via lever movement, load and preload are applied, all in just 3 seconds.
Thanks to the spring loading system, AT250 is suitable for production environments.
The clamping shield allows the lock of difficult shaped workpieces even with large overhang.
Moreover, the elevating screw handwheel permits rapid control in series by simply placing materials on the anvil.
The device has a touchscreen monitor, where is possible to set hardness tests, stats, graphics elaboration and data exporting.
The instrument is compatible with e-stat software that allows data elaboration on several units.
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