Bre-Aut MAR for the testing of raw train wheels

Customer Requests: Automatic Brinell hardness testing of raw train wheels with the following specifications:

  • surface preparation at different depths and measurement of raw train wheels
  • need to measure wheels of different diameters (from 700mm to 1300mm)
  • speed up the entire test process
  • need to install into an existing production line consisting of machinery from other vendors
  • need to comply with the specific regulations that impose no. 2 measurements at a distance of 25mm from the first test if it is outside the required range of hardness

Achieved results

- System equipped with milling unit for surface preparation of raw wheels
- Creation of a transfer system that allows the rotation and transport of a wheel from the loading/unloading point ofto the measuring point
- Implementation of specific communication protocols for the exchange of signals and information with the PLC line controller
- - Optimisation of the transfer system controls to allow the wheel to be moved for additional measurement positions. If the first test falls within the specified range, the wheel is transferred to the unloading position and at the same time a new wheel is brought from the loading position to the surface preparation and measurement position to be measured. If the first test is outside the set range, it will be automatically rotated by 25mm and a second and third test will be carried out. If both these tests give a positive result, the wheel is compliant
- If any of the conditions of the above point does not occur the wheel will be considered non-compliant
Working principle Brinell
Loads 3000 kgf
Norms and certifications ISO EN 10003
Load time slezionabile da 1 a 30 sec
Standard scales HB30 / 3000kg
Reading automatic impression reading - e-brio
Memory industrial pc
Languages Italian, English, German, Other languages on request
Power supply 380V 3ph - other power supplies on request
Working area dimensions 5m x 3m
Weight ca. 5t

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